Thursday, February 13, 2014

One week later......................

Morgan is one week post op  Hard to believe it is a week.  Morgan has had a tough week  She had a very upset stomach when she woke up and was given medicine for that.  She got home about 9PM.  Thursday night went ok and even Friday during the day she was "ok".  She does have stent pain but was under control. 

Friday night she went down hill.  She really started getting pain that was hard to control.  The pain made her throw up along with belly pain from the stent.  It was a long night for her and mommy.  She rested all weekend and by Monday felt ok to go to school.  Tuesday she wakes up with fever and we called CHOP.  They wanted her to be seen at her pediatrician for a urine culture.  Morgan is now on an antibiotic for a bladder infection.  The official culture won't be back til Thursday but in the meantime they are treating her for one.  It is pretty common to get a bladder infection from a kidney surgery. IF there is an infection it will need to be gone in order for the Dr to operate on Tuesday the 18th. Morgan was still running a fever Wednesday night of 103.  Who knows, maybe it is just a virus.

So, for now, the plan is Tuesday the 18th the second surgery will take place and hopefully they will get the stone/stones and the pocket in her kidney removed.  From what we have been told another stent will be placed after the surgery and in about a week or so that one will be surgically removed. 

Today is Thursday the 13th and we have a snow day here in PA.  This is a much needed day of rest for Morgan. A little gift from God to Morgan.

If anything changes we will update her blog. 

Love ,
Morgans Magical Ears

One more thing.......2nd Bucket of the year was presented to a little boy named Elliott having ear surgery next Monday at CHOP Chalfont.  He is already in love with his Woofi.  The CHOP nurses will be surprised he is coming with a Woofi instead of leaving with one.  We are sure those nurses will know where that Woofi came from though.  Say a prayer for Elliott's speedy recovery.

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