Friday, February 21, 2014

Second Surgery 2-18-14

Morgan and Mommy went to Philly on Monday night due to more snow coming on surgery day.  We didn't want to take a chance of missing this day. 

Morgan arrived at CHOP at 11:30.  They were very delayed and Morgan didn't get into surgery until 4:30.  She was her delightful self and sang "let it go" from Frozen on her way into the OR.  She puts up a good front cause this little girl was very anxious. 

Surgery lasted about 2 hours.  When the surgeon came out he said the Diverticulum wasn't there at all.  They found that there are no pockets in Morgan's kidney.  They told us her kidney is deformed.  The blessing in all of this is that usually kidneys that are deformed don't work correctly.  Morgan's kidney is doing everything it is supposed to do.  Blood and urine are both flowing nicely.  They said if this was know ahead of time neither surgery would have been needed.  While they were in there they did removed 3 stones.  Two 4 mm ones and one 5 mm one.  It is now Friday and Morgan is still in a lot of pain.  Hoping she turns the corner today.  We thought she would have been back to school yesterday but she still has trouble walking and is in alot of pain when using the bathroom.  When we do the bathroom we just hold hands with her and pray the entire time! 

The urologist feels that Morgan will always have kidney stone issues as it is genetic.  We can do things to help prevent problems like drinking lots and lots of water.  They would like to see her drink 1 1/2 liters of water per day and at least 8 oz of lemonade.  This is something that she needs to work on.  But if it keeps these stones away that will be a plus. 

All the things Morgan has been thru she has always been such a strong little girl.  This past surgery was the first time in her life we have heard her express the question, "why is all this happening to me?"  Something to work on but she has such a strong faith this won't take too long.  Pennview and her teacher Mrs Smith will help us with this also.  We can't express in words the appreciation we have for Morgan's school and it's teachers.  Morgan being able to attend a stellar school like Pennview is a blessing in itself!

Hoping for a warm happy spring weekend.  We have lots of Easter Woofi buckets to start getting ready.  Easter will be here in no time!!!!!

Love to all,
Morgie and Mommy

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