Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well we officially start our lessons at Playtherapy tonight...Morgan's first two appointments were just basically introduction info and some expressive and receptive testing. They are suggesting us to start out by coming 2 times a week. She doesn't really need alot of speech therapy but with her turning 3 at the end of this month and losing her hearing support teacher we didn't want her to not be getting any extra therapy after school. She scored 102 and 103 on the expressive/receptive test that they did, and the range for normal speech is from 95-115, so she falls right in the middle. We were very pleased with that and how much progress we know she has made over the past year. We are so proud of her! They are going to work on her "ing" action words and also she leaves the middle or end of a word out sometimes, so they are going to work on that. We are going to be mainstreaming Morgan in a private Christian school in Sept. so we just want to make sure she is kept up to par with her peers. We know she can do it, and we will be there to help her ever step of the way. Wish Morgan luck tonight and I will let you all know how it goes, so far I really love this place they are so loving and seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to help the children!


PolyglotMom said...

I hope we get to meet at the picnic! Where do you do playtherapy?

Morgan's Mommy said...

I really hope we get to meet at the picnic too! I can't wait to meet you and your family. We go to Playtherapy in Limerick PA. I found this place in search for somewhere to take Morgan since she will be turning 3 at the end of this month and will not have her teacher coming to the house from the Clarke school. Even though the therapist at Playtherapy say Morgan is doing really good they agreed to have therapy for her twice a week. Tue was her first real session and she was fine with me leaving the room, I was very surprised. They are just so loving and fun the kids don't even realize you are gone. Morgan just had so much fun and she didn't even know it was therapy. We go again tomorrow night. So far so good!
Here is my email jkeely@knoll.com
Julie(Morgan's Mommy)

Katiebear said...

Is it called Theraplay the place you are talking about? Because I know there is that place in Limerick right by the diner.