Monday, May 17, 2010

1st mapping after activation

That was a fast week! We did end up going to the please touch museum after activation and sure enough there were 3 tickets waiting for us along with 6 tickets to ride the carousel and a parking pass. That was such a treat and we are very thankful for that kind lady we met in the store!!!! Thank you! We all had a great time! Today May 17th Daddy took Morgan for her mapping, they had an 8am appt so had to leave at 6am again to beat some of the traffic. They made good time again, but this time I had to leave Daddy in charge of fixing Morgan's hair...I can only imagine! LOL. Morgan was able to get through all 4 of her programs by Wed afternoon after just being activated Tue. She likes having two ears on but is not a big fan of only wearing her "new ear" She isn't able to hear us talking yet with that one, and can only hear muffled loud sounds. We are hoping with this new set of programs she will start to hear more things! She did a good job this weekend in NY at a parade listening to bands play with only her "new ear" She was even taking the "old one" off without me even telling her too. I was very impressed and proud of her. This week the intense therapy will begin. Carmen her audiologist says she will notice the biggest difference between her progam 3 and 4. We can't wait to see how this week goes. She doesn't go back until June 15th.


John said...

Love the blog. I'm confused though. There's a new one and an old one? And she's supposed to take out the old one? Did she have a good time at the please touch? What can/can't she hear now?

Morgan's Mommy said...

Ok I hope I can explain this better. Its hard to understand sometimes. First thing her "old ear" is her left one and that is the ear she had implanted in 2007. She is able to hear our voice and basically every sound out of that ear now. She didn't at first, it took alot of hard work and therapy to train her brain to transfer the sounds she was hearing into things that made sense, like language (the things you and I hear everyday). Her "new ear" is her right one and that is the one she just got implanted in April. When they activated it last week she didn't hear much of anything. She told us it sounds kinda like a bag or piece of paper being crumpled up. But she only hears that when she has the "new one" on. When she has both the old and new on she hears just as if the new one wasn't on. So now we are having to go through all the therapy and training for the new ear. We have to try and get her to wear Only the new ear as much as possible so that the brain can do its thing and learn to listen, hear, and transform the sounds into language etc. Last week everything was very muffled for her, and she will start to hear more things as the weeks go on, and the more she only wears the new ear the faster the brain will be able to catch her new ear up with her old one. But she can hear just the same with both on right now so she doesn't like taking her old one off cause she can't hear out of it like she does with her other one. She will soon be able to start telling where a sound is coming from too. I always have to tell her what room I am in, in the house and soon she will just know where I am once that ear catches up. We are hoping to have that new ear up to par by Thanksgiving. I am really glad you asked! I feel like people actually care, when they are interested in learning how it all works! Thank you for caring, and being a good friend! Let me know if you have anymore questions.