Monday, May 17, 2010

On the way back to school...

Well on Tue April 27th Morgan was going back to school for just the morning, so we can get back into our routine.  Well that didn't end up happening that Morning.  On the way to school Morgan and I got in a bad car accident.  We were coming up a hill to a stop sign when a car coming down the hill started to lose control and was all over the road heading right for us.  There was a big field on our right hand side so I pulled off the side of the road right nead a telephone pole.  I turned around to talk to Morgan and just as I turned my head back to look out the front window the out of control car t-boned the telephone pole so hard it wrapped around it and totally took out the whole front end of my Jeep Liberty.  Morgan and I walked away with minor bumps and bruises but they young man who hit us was it bad shape.  My Dad did take us to the hospital so we could get checked out and have some x-rays done.  We were released shortly after.  We just keep praying that he will make a full recovery and we hope that we will be able to meet him sometime!  We feel a special bond with him!  So much for having a low key two weeks after surgery for Morgan.  We are very blessed and thankful!

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