Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well yesterday when I got home from work Morgan and my borther had a special show for me. It almost brought tears to my eyes! Morgan had me sit down on the floor so I could watch and listen. She sat on my brothers lap looking at me. Jamie would say a word and then she would repeat what he said. It was all just random words or names that he was saying! I was in shock that she was able to hear and distinguish language already. I wasn't expecting her to be able to do that for at least a month or two after activation. This morning Morgan and I were looking at a book with just pictures. The one page had a pictures of body parts (hand, foot, nose and eyes) I would say "hand" without her seeing my face and she was able to point to the correct picture!!!!! It was so exciting...I am one proud Mommy!

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John said...

I know how excited I get when the boys say things, I can't imagine your joy. Congrats to all of you and God bless.