Thursday, May 27, 2010

5-27-10 Ear tube check up

Well today was an important appt. We had to go see Dr Germiller to check Morgan's right ear tube that was all clogged at her visit after her surgery. We did peroxide for about a week and a half and then perscription ear drops for 5 days. We were hopeing it was all clear because it if wasn't she would have to have surgery again to replace it. Good news was that it was all clear and she is good to go for another 6 months. As much as we love Dr Germiller it will be nice not having to go back until November. Yippy!!! Morgan continues to work very hard everyday at learning to listen with her new ear. Its is very exhausting and frustrating as times for her but she is doing amazing. On Tuesday when she only had her Right(new) CI on, I called her name and she answered my by saying, "what". It was music to my ears. She was able to recognize the sound of her own name with just the new ear! What a great morning that was. Now two days later she is a pro at responding to her name with only the right CI. Keep up the good work Morgan, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!!

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