Monday, May 10, 2010

Where to begin.........

Its has been a whirl wind of a couple so so many things have gone on.  Well Morgan had her 2nd cochlear implant surgery on April 21st.  Here Pop Pop came along to keep me company in the waiting room.  My dad and I were together the day they told us Morgan was deaf and we were together the day they came out and told us all the electrodes were firing, and she would soon be hearing with 2 ears!  I am so lucky that I will always have that special bond with my Dad!  I don't know what I would do without my Mom and Dad, they are definitly parents that would do anything for their children and grandchildren.  They are the two most unselfish people I know.  They are always going out of their way to make it easier or to help their family out any way they can.  We are very blessed!   
Well we left for the hospital about 5:30 am and got there just before 7 am.  We checked in and they took us back to a room almost right away.  They did all the vitals etc and then we just had to wait for Dr Germiller to come in and do the measuring so he could try his best to make them even.  We waited for a long time.  They finally took her away from me around 10:30 am and started surgery around 10:50 am.  The nurses were great and came out ever hour to give and update.  My dad and I passed the time with a subway hoagie and kept busy searching on the internet.  We were anticipating Michael(the audiologist) to come out, he is the one that was testing all the electrodes to make sure they were all working properly.  There is always a chance that it might not work.  We were lucky and everything was great.  I broke down in happy tears!  Shortly after Dr. Germiller came out and told us that everything went great and we would soon be allowed back to see her.  I could hardly wait to see my baby.  Its the worst feeling as they take your baby out of your arms into surgery!  I knew it was the best thing for her though.  She was still asleep when we went back and she slept for a little while.  The nurse said that was great that she was sleeping like that. It would help her wake up better.  After she woke up we got her dressed and headed down to get xrays, to make sure everything was in the right place.  She was still really groggy, and slept the almost the whole way home until we stopped to she Melissa.  She wanted so bad to stop at the hair cut place to see her.  I have a picture of Morgan actually smiling with Melis and it took all Morgan had to get that smile out!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Around 8:30 pm that night you could tell the anestesia was wearing off and she was feeling pretty good.  She was no stop talking from that point on.  We thought we would be awake alot of the night but she basically slept right through the night.  She is a trooper!!!!  The next morning we were allowed to take the bandage off her head and boy it was a sight to see.  As soon as we took it off the blood started coming out of her ear and for a couple days after.  It was the worst that Friday night after we got down to the shore for what we thought would be a nice relaxing weekend.  I was a nervous wreck.  I called the ENT on call and he had no clue about implants and was having me go to the ER.  The bleeding did stop and wasn't to bad the rest of the weekend.  I did have Dr Germillers cell number so I gave him a call just to make sure everything was good so I didn't have to worry any more!  He calmed me down and we had a great rest of the weekend! Melissa was coming Monday to spend the day with Morgan so she had another day of rest before we went back to school on Tue Morning.  Pictures to come!

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